Smartapps now broken, What's my options

I have a business that I unwisely got everyone hooked on using our many garage doors via actiontiles… I’m going through a very busy season here so haven’t had time to keep up but it appears the recent switch from the cloud that smartthings is doing broke all my smartapps. I have garage doors using LGK virtual garage door, sonoff, and zooz smartapps. What are my options besides just using the direct switch via actiontiles instead of the smartapp which combines the switch with the open/close sensor… I set this all up in a much less busy season but now that I’m busy this is dumb not fun lol… Thanks

If you are just asking about a garage door that combines a tilt sensor and a relay into one “garage door” device tile, the following community-created edge driver should work for that (the topic title is a clickable link.)

If you’re asking the question more generally, see the following:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?


Sounds good. I guess it sounds like my only option is to delete all my smartapps and redo them with this “edge driver”. I truly appreciate the links, It’ll give me a good head start when I find some free time to redo these. Currently I just quick made a new panel on action tiles to run just the contact sensor which works but in a blind manner.

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