SmartApps Location in new

That is the reason the smartapp is not showing.

To resolve it… go to the My Locations and click on the name of your location. Then go back to My hubs and you will see your hub. Then you will need to install the MyQ smartapp.

Note: after you click your Location name, you are forwarded to your correct SHARD so bookmark that URL and forget about the previous one you were using for IDE as it was incorrect.

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Good catch!

I noticed a location was already there. After I clicked on the location, I could now see My Hubs and Devices. I re-added MyQ under My SmartApps on IDE. But in the mobile app, MyQ is still not showing up under SmartApps.

I see the status doesn’t show up “Locations”. See below:

Then, I select “Simulator” and “Set location” and click Install.

After these steps, when I when to SmartApps on my mobile, MyQ showed up.

After following the instructions to authenticate, it is now working and is showing on my devices!

Thank you @jkp, for directing me to find a solution for this!

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