SmartApp to automatically change bulb between colors

Interesting. One thing I’m confused about. In this example what would “virtual momentary button” map to in the “Type” list? I don’t see Simulated Momentary Button as an option but I do see Momentary Button Tile and Simulated Button.

My assumption is “virtual momentary button” == Simulated Button.

This is what you want. These are all “virtual” devices, that only exist in the cloud, but otherwise act like devices. So SmartApps can turn them on and off, and test their state, etc. The “momentary” part is that these particular devices turn themselves off after a couple of seconds. So you “push” the button, so to speak, it’s virtual switch turns “on”, and then turns “off”. That’s handy so you can use turning them on over and over to send a signal to an app or apps.

Hey Bruce, I got a chance to try you 2 color loop rule last night. Have you ever gotten reports of the rule getting stuck? At some point shortly after the rule started running, it stopped working for me. :frowning:

Also, what’s generally the best way to diagnose these problems?

Yes, it can die. What happens is timer drift. At some point two timers sort of collide, and one of the triggers doesn’t run. This particular method is a bit prone to that. You can get it going by pressing the button. I spaced 3 out, 20 seconds apart, and they ran all night. Keep pushing the button to get them spaced out better. Later I’m going to try with six of them.

I had another method that was super reliable, but that uses an external timer source, which isn’t generally available (uses a ThingShield).

not the same thing but if you use iftt there is a hue channel and a default color change action… you can set a switch or use alexa whatever to have a bulb cycle between colors (you cannot decide the colors) but I use it for the hot tub light :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m not understanding this. All I have is a simple “Turn Virtual Button on at Sunset”, “Turn Light Strip On At Sunset”, and the virtual button toggle rule with a 1 minute delay (two colors). How would two timers be colliding here I only have one timer going at a time?

If you have one trigger per color, as I described, then you have two timers. They drift, collide (in the time dimension), then one of the triggers might not fire and hence not reschedule itself.