Rule Machine - setting light colour based on 2700k and 6000k


I’m struggling in setting the correct colour and hue for the OSRAM RGBW bulbs. I get the logic part of rule machine but struggling to set the colour right.

There is basically two bits of info I’m after. I know daylight colour is 6000k and evening is 2700k

What are the corresponding values in need to enter into the Rule Machine actions to set the bulb to those colours (there is colour and hue in the options)? At the moment when trying the 6000k I just get some weird really blue /aqua colour.

In context all I’m doing is setting a rule that if the bulb is turned on during the day is changes colour to daylight 6000k and a similar rule come dusk if bulb is already on change to 2700k.

Just use integer numbers, e.g. 2700 or 6000. Those work fine for my OSRAM tunable white light.

Buts asking for a hue value also… any idea what those would be?

No, I was talking about the “Set color temperature for these bulbs” action. That on is just for white bulbs that can have different color temps. Different than a color bulb, as in “Set color for these bulbs”.

Ok, I don’t think I’m seeing the same option.

In my action, I’ve got ‘set colour for these bulbs’ - I’ve picked the bulbs I want to set.

Next option is just ‘bulb colour’, if I select anything other custom the next option is ‘bulb level’ which I’m assuming is brightness level.

If I select custom (in bulb colour) I get two new options which are ‘input colour value’ and ‘input saturation value’.

I don’t see ‘set colour temperature’ in the list of available actions

Are you using the stock devicetype for these bulbs? The stock devicetype is only built to control the color features of the Osram, which makes it difficult to accurately recreate white light shades. You can approximate them with colour/saturation values, but it’s not easy.

You may want to consider using the custom devicetype in the below post. The stock devicetype is only built to control the color features of the Osram, but the community devicetype below allows you to also access the color temperature features as well. You’ll get a much better white light and you can easily use it in Rule Machine as Bruce outlines above using the ‘set colour temperature’ option.

I’m not using the stock devicetype. I’m using the ‘Improved Zigbee Hue RGBW Bulb MultiAttribute’ devicetype that I found on these forums for OSRAM. Aka the same one you just linked out to.

Manual control of the lights is fine, I can set colour or and white colour. Whites is done via a bar showing kelvin values. Its just a case of transposing this into rule machine and I’m not seeing the same option as you and Bruce are mentioning.

Rule machine is set-up for the following when I want day to night from 6000k to 2700k
Trigger - Sunset
Conditions - Light is already on
Action for True - Set Colour bulb, bulb colour…

Its the in the action, bulb colour I think I should be seeing the field you have mentioned and I’m not as I explained in the earlier post.

This is the part you want to change. Instead of set color bulb, you want set color temperature bulb. Then the next option will ask for the color temp, not hue/sat.

It’s a little unintuitive because your bulb is a color bulb, but it’s also a color temp bulb and it’s the color temp you want to change. Not all color bulbs can do the color temp, so that can’t be an option for setting a color bulb.

Thanks for the reply it made a lot more sense. I went back into rule machine and still couldn’t find the option. So I checked the groovy files from the Rule Machine wiki page and noticed there have been some updates over Christmas (I installed less than a month ago).

Anyway I updated the rule machine and rule app code and can now see the Colour Temp Option. Fingers crossed it should would now.