Domoticz server to support temp&humidity&baro sensors

Hi, I have some temp&humidity&baro sensors in domoticz. would love to have them supported by the ST domoticz server

@huongminh @dudz40 has a Domoticz Smart App which intregrates with ST. Information is in this thread Connection to Domoticz defined devices like Blinds and On/Off switches

Hi it does integrate devices, contact and motion. Real sensors is a bit of another thing. Hi @huongminh, could you define how you want things to appear in ST and show some sensor definitions from Domoticz you use, i do not own these myself (apart from some default Netatmo stuff that is integrated in my setup).

Hi @dudz40,

Let me give you some info on my setup. I have a couple of sensors based on ESP8266 to send temp / humidity / baro data to Domoticz. In Domoticz I created some virtual sensors and they will receive data from ESP8266 based sensors. My domoticz is linked to Apple Siri via Homebridge-domoticz plugin so I can check temp/humidity sensors by asking Siri like “Hey Siri, what is the temperature in my living room?” and Siri will read the temp and tell me.

Now I want to do the same via Google Home and Alexa, both of which have native support to Smartthing hub. I can imagine that my domoticz sensor can be linked and found in Smartthing as if they are ST natively supported sensors, just like your domoticz server can do for switches or motions. If so Google Home and Alexa can read out the data.

Currently I control Domoticz switches via habridge but all devices in habridge will be recognized by Google Home and Alexa as Hue bulbs since the habridge emulates Hue Lux Bulbs. So no sensor reading is supported.

could you paste a line from devices overview with a virtual sensor on it??

Here you go. You can notice the first 3 sensors are temp & humidity (DTH22) and the bottom is a temp&humidity&barometer sensor (BME280). All are connected to ESP8266 wifi chip loaded with ESP Easy. Data are updated every 10s (user defined). To create a virtual sensor in Domoticz, I just did like creating a virtual switch from a virtual hardware. But instead of selecting the Switch item from the dropdown menu, I chose the type of sensor I need (temp+hum and temp+hum+baro). Then i got the Idx of the sensor which is needed to put in the ESPeasy configuration screen on the ESP8266 connected to the physical sensor. Then the virtual sensor in Domoticz would get updated with the data sent from the ESP8266 connected sensor.

I should have been clearer :grin: from this screen…

here you go

I have updated github with V3.12 that introduces sensor devices, you also have to import device domoticzSensor in addition to the other devices. When setting up Domoticz Server App make sure to select virtual sensor devices. It will request status update every 10 minutes,
I do not know if you have the app running already, as it is a long time ago that i had an initial install myself. Let me know additional wishes or problems you run into.
p.s. it will get the sensors from Domoticz with a list devices command with a filter for Temp devices, so all devices that have temp capability will be shown.

edit: found a bug. Occassionally it deletes the sensors from ST and readds them, doing some RCA this evening.

Thank you @dudz40 very much for your quick add-on. Just ordered a Samsung ST hub and will update you once I have it set up with my Domoticz.

Hi Martin,
Finally I managed to setup domoticz server on my smartthings hub V2 successfully. I can see the blind and the switches, lights work well. Status is updated from domoticz, too. However, there is still an issue with the temp and humidity sensor. I can see the sensors in my mobile app but no temp or hum shows up. Check in the IDE I found the device status is online but the data, it says: “Data: No data found for device”. I use virtual sensors in domoticz for temp and hum (combined sensor type) and they all show value in domoticz. could you please help.