SmartApp bounty? Can/will you write code for others?

** First, I’m not sure if this violates the TOU so if it does just let me know and I’ll (attempt) to delete the post. **

TL;DR: I don’t have the time I thought I did to write a SmartApp, will you do it for me?

Long version: I started messing around with a SmartThings Hub for a few simple automations around the house and it’s been working well, then I saw the option for a laundry monitor. I tried to set up the laundry monitor, but apparently my machines are too well balanced for the vibration sensor in the Multipurpose Sensor to work. I even tried mounting the sensor inside the cover, directly on the washer tub and dryer chamber frame (not in the water or in the heated section) but couldn’t get reliable data from the sensor. I gave up for a few days and was looking at the other sensor units when I plugged in the outlet device… Ah ha! the outlet shows wattage data, so here’s my idea:

A SmartApp that reads wattage data from an outlet and sends notifications based on that information.
The app should have the ability to enter a “vampire current” value; this is the wattage used by a device when it is turned off/not in use but still plugged in. Example: a TV that is plugged in, but not turned on will have a minor power draw. The app could be configured to send a notification if the power draw is above 0, but this is not the default state. Next, two values would be entered as thresholds for notification; send notification when power draw rises over X watts with a default or custom message; send notification when the power consumption draw drops below Y watts with a default or custom message.

Here are two use cases:

  1. Washing Machine; vampire power 3W, power while in use 500W.
    device name: (user input variable) eg. Washing Machine
    vampire power: 3W
    power on notification: 400W
    power off notification: 100W
    default on message: outlet is in use
    default off message: outlet is not longer in use
    custom on message: ‘Washing Machine’ has turned on
    custom off message: ‘Washing Machine’ has turned off

  2. Battery Charger for cordless drill; vampire power 1W, power while in use 100W.
    device name: (user input variable) eg. Cordless Drill Battery Charger
    vampire power: 1W
    power on notification: 75W
    power off notification: 10W
    default on message: outlet is in use
    default off message: outlet is not longer in use
    custom on message: ‘Cordless Drill Battery Charger’ has turned on
    custom off message: ‘Cordless Drill battery Charger’ has turned off

Now notifications can be triggered/sent based on power usage with a custom message.

Further enhancements could be scheduled on/off times with notifications for outlet power on outside of scheduled times.

Use case: TV is only able to be turned on between 6:00pm - 10:00pm, send notification if outlet is turned on or power draw increases outside of scheduled time. Since there is a manual override button on the outlet a device can be powered on outside of the allowed time.

  1. TV; vampire power 1W, power while in use 100W.
    device name: (user input variable) eg. TV
    vampire power: 1W
    time on: 6:00pm
    time off: 10:00pm
    power on notification: 10W
    power off notification: 90W
    default on message: outlet is in use
    default off message: outlet is not longer in use
    custom on message: ‘TV’ has turned on
    custom off message: ‘TV’ has turned off

I thought I had time to work on this, but I’m chasing my kids (3 and 5) around for multiple activities and school, plus I’ve got my day job. So, what’s your bid to write the SmartApp for me?

I assume that the code from “Laundry Monitor” and “Energy Alerts” existing SmartApps could get someone 80% of the way there…

Have you thought of looking at CoRE? It’s a rules engine that should be able to help you do what you want. There’s a bit of a learning curve (but not like custom programming) and there’s plenty of people willing to help.


@Jimxenus I’m jumping over to take a look at CoRE now, thank you!


While it might make sense for me to delete this thread, I’m not going to for at least a few days and I might just leave it…
I am rescinding the bounty offer now that I have a working solution.

I was excited about continuing my efforts in home automation after I picked up a Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit for my new house after using Insteon for automation in my old house. I had some specific things I wanted to do (laundry monitor, mailbox monitor, etc), and just wasn’t having any luck with the one area I started working on: Laundry Monitor. I started with a Laundry Monitor because it was something I needed AND there was already a SmartApp specifically for this.

I’ll spare you the details (some of them are above) but I couldn’t get the Laundry Monitor to work and I became frustrated. I was meticulous enough when I opened the SmartThings Starter Kit I didn’t rip/break/tear anything so I was seriously considering returning the kit to the store I bought it from as a failed mistake on my part.

@Jimxenus pointed me to CoRE (Community’s own Rule Engine) and within 15 minutes I was up and running with the exact “application” logic (piston) described in my initial post. The biggest learning curve for CoRE was understanding where each of the functions/actions was in the menu system.

I’m happily automating things in my house again, and I now have to take breaks when the washer or dryer sends me an SMS to let me know it’s done.

*** for those of you wondering how I made a dryer work with the power monitor, my dryer is a gas dryer and it uses 110v power for the spinning drum. I didn’t wire an outlet unit to a 220v appliance, so I can’t help if that’s what you’re looking for.