SmartApp based Webhook + Schema based Lambda duplicated devices

Using a SmartApp Webhook based + a Schema based Lambda connected service BOTH in the mobile app , or the same user authorized using by using Oauth2, but each session using their own OAuth2 session & access/refresh toke), with the same devices (and ID’s) on the same 3rd party cloud, the devices gets duplicated in the app. Is this normal behavior ? I assumed that the ST cloud would maintain the relationship between user and devices no matter the connection used. I was considering to have a Webhook or Lambda as a fallback in case one service was failing but that seems not an option ?

Not sure I understand the request here, but let me give it a shot.

You want to be able to host a C2C device via schema and have a backup connection that uses a C2C endpoint with webhooks?

If the users adds a device with both kinds of connections, it will generate 2 devices unless you handle it on your backend. You could do an install check before proceeded through the lifecycle events for example.

If you could lay out the scenario you are trying to accomplish step by step.


Thanks , I got a reply that the devices are linked to the app to the connected service. and not by app user / device_id combination. Thus it causes duplicates. CLOSED.

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