Smart Weather Title Help Needed

I’ve installed a Smart Weather Tile and have it synced to my Weather Underground account, but SmartThings isn’t auto refreshing or polling my tile. This does me know good unless its constantly updated as I use it with SmartTiles.

Any help?

Keep using SmartTiles :wink:?

The device needs to be polled … something that SmartThings doesn’t think is a good idea, so “Pollster” SmartApp no longer exists (??). Maybe you can put a schedule in CoRE or poll it based on some subscribed motion sensor events?

As mentioned, its easiest in Core. If you do have Core, i can provide you with my refresh piston so you can add something similar to yours. Just let me know. :slight_smile:

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Hi, sorry for bumping an old thread - would you mind posting your refresh piston?

Sorry, @Brad_Langhorst . I was on holidays, and now my pistons won’t show up to capture them. I’ll have to type it out.

Piston mode: Basic

If Condition
Capability - Date and time
Comparison - happens at
Value - every number of minutes
Number of minutes - 5

Using *Smart Weather Tile
First - Refresh

That’s it. No restrictions or anything fancy. :slight_smile:

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