Smart Weather Tile Refresh

For the longest time I had a virtual weather tile with pollster refreshing it every 10 minutes.
Since the platform upgrade Pollster no longer seems to be working.

I go and setup a new weather tile using Smart Weather Tile but it doesn’t refresh and pollster won’t even see the device tile to see if I can get back to refreshing every 10 minutes.

This is a very critical thing as many of my triggers at set with Lux from my personal weather station.

Can anyone help get me back to something that works?

See below.

The Sunrise/Sunset failed for me today as well. Frustrating. Every time I hear of platform maintenance I shutter thinking what is the next thing to break.

my weather tile refresh stopped working until I went into SmartApps, selected the app, hit Done and then it started working again… It shouldn’t have to be like this…

Tried that. It use to work but as of noon my time it stopped working. I even went as far a uninstall and reinstall.

I am not sure if it is pollster or some problem with the time call.

My correction…I meant to say it shouldn’t be like this every time there’s a platform update. I just did mine after seeing this post, we’ll see how long it lasts…

Same thing here. Platform upgrade caused it to stop. I went in and gave it a kick and it ran for about a day then stopped. Now it won’t run at all. I really need to get it fixed because so much of my setup revolves around LUX and Temperature.

I contacted support on this. It seems all my apps that are supposed to turn lights off after so many minutes are also failing.

As of 9PM EST timed events are working again. Pollster is working again. Not sure for how long. Very frustrating.

Something I did when I was having trouble with my weather tile updating was create a smart app that refreshed it. Then just stuck that on a virtual button and triggered it on mode change. Wasn’t perfect, but it kept things more up to date. Now that things have been working, I still have kept that in place, just in case.

In case it helps:

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Loose operation is great! I like this technique. Low impact on network.

Updating junk tiles every 1,5,10,60 minutes for rare use, may just kill this network. Aeon motions devicetype is horrible. 4 or more motion reports in one minute. Totally redundant.

Maybe the cloud outages are defacto load-management.