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Explore routines and smart lights


Cant see anywhere in the guide or classic app to configure vibration from door sensor to trigger lights to come on, send notification only when Smart Home Monitoring is set to Away / Stay…

Guys i give up, i really do. this is too complicated. Appreciate your help immensly but ive spent days on this now.
Total waste of money, over £1000. I still dont get the different modes, Home, away, stay, Night, etc. makes no sense. Just going to use the bog standard Smart home monitor and nothing else.
I may revisit this in a year or so when technology advances.
Pfft, and they want to make AI… polish the current tech first.


The one in Post nine above?

Try smart home monitor custom notification.

There’s a way to get them to turn off again after five minutes, but you’ll have to create a virtual timer. See the following wiki article:

The whole point of this is that classic smartthings is very powerful, but not very discoverable. You may need to post a question in the following section of the forum and then people will help you figure it out. Please put only one use case per thread.

Or you could definitely do the whole thing with the webcore, although I know you said you didn’t want to use that.

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I wouldn’t throw in the towel yet. When I first started it was a ton of information all at once and I got flustered several time. But now that I worked through most of the kinks i get exactly what i want from smartthings and you will too if you spend some time and can work through getting irritated at some things.
The new app is being updated pretty regularly to add all the functionality that the old app has, but it’s not there yet.
You’ve got people way smarter than me here that’ll answer your questions and help you get things rolling. It gets easier after you’ve gone through the steps of setting up a few routines.
Not everything works as easily as I want either, it’s just a bit of work figuring it out. Then after you do you get the satisfaction of watching your house react the way you want it to, and it’s pretty sweet.

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The reason Samsung wants to make AI (artificial intelligence, Bixby) is to eliminate all the frustration you have experienced.

The degree to which consumers find SmartThings varies considerably.
… Regardless, the only way it will become universally usable is via AI.

And Samsung has implied this is their end-game multiple times. The current SmartThings is usable with patience, and luck, and Community assistance; but really, this is just an extended beta test of the base platform upon which AI will be added.


No problem, it’s definitely confusing in the current phase. I think it’s one of the reasons that Samsung is dumbing down the new app. They’re deciding to give people less functionality but make it much more intuitive. It’s not a bad market strategy in and of itself, and, as @tgauchat said, their endgame is something altogether different, where you just talk to the voice assistant and it sort of figures out what you need and sets it up for you. But we’re not there yet.

The important thing is to find something that works for you, even if it doesn’t do everything you’d like to have. So if this all feels like too much work, it makes perfect sense to move on to something more straightforward. :sunglasses:


Thanks everyone for your comments and help. The community here is really humbling… and you are all so smart.
Im going to give it a rest for now and revisit it in a few weeks / months or so. Really dont have the time or patience at the moment having spent days already.
I think what confused me at first was the mentions of “Routines” but in the app i was using, i didnt see any such naming. My irritation begain here… along with the Home , Away, Night modes not being obvious.
Until ofcourse jkp told me about the classic app and i realised Routines were mentioned in there.
It all seems too unintuitive to me and in my opionion isnt good enough for the public to use yet so i agree with the comment about us being beta testers.
I spent an hour trying to figure out how to auto Arm / disarm the Smart home Monitor when i leave and arrive home only to discover it can not be done on the app. Only the classic app. So Im going to wait until the new app is ready…
You are all way smarter and patient than me. Thanks again and enjoy.


Hi all.

Update, I manually set up some automations one by one that took ages. They seems to be doing what i want, kind of. For example when Window in living room Detects vibration, it will alert me and switch on my lights.
However… Since arming my smart home monitor either away or stay, I tend to be receiving false Vibration alarms in various rooms. Initially this gave me a shock so i went out my way to rush home before checking my cameras to see nothing…
False alarms tend to happen several times a day on mainly the front and rear doors and upstairs room.
Really really annoying!!
In short, im calling it a day and have contacted amazon to return the entire system.
Having googled the issue i can see its a known problem with sone users on these forums with previous generation sensors.
Im using the latest 2018 sensors and still the issue persists.
Smart things is just not fit for purpose. It really isnt.
On that note, thanks everyone and i wish you all the best. I will not be using this system no longer.


It is a shame that you spent 18 + days and are unable to figure things out.

I have one smarthings 2018 motion sensor and it does not have the ability to adjust the motion detection sensitivity (with the stock dth). Neither does my Iris motion sensor. The zooz 4 in 1 (motion, temp, humidity & light) does allow sensitivity adjustment. I am not aware if there are custom DTH’s that implement sensitivity adustment for the smarthings and iris sensors.

Initially I was noticing some false positives with the smarthings motion sensor, but that has resolved. I would add that alot of this is not intuitive and you must poke around the app, device handlers etc.

IMHO I had issues related to not understanding the nuances of the mesh networks, but once I figured all that out almost all of my issues have gone away. I do not think false positive motion reporting are related to your mesh network.

Good luck if you change your mind.


The OP is reporting false vibration alerts for devices placed on windows. That’s super common regardless of the brand. Glass just tends to shake a lot, from both noises and from temperature changes. Just someone walking upstairs may shake the downstairs windows enough to set up a vibration alert. In fact, the inability to use motion/vibration sensors for windows is one of the main reasons for the multiple designs of contact sensors for the windows.

Most purposebuilt security systems combine contact sensors on each window with one acoustic glassbreak sensor for the room, rather than using vibration sensors on the windows. So I think that particular issue will come up with any brand.