Smart Things integration with existing (inactive) ADT system

I just recently purchased a home with a pretty extensive ADT security system already installed. I currently have a Smart Things hub connected to a few lights, thermostat, etc, but was wondering if I could get the existing ADT door, window, and motion sensors to connect to my Smart Things hub.

I would much rather monitor from my Smart Things app, than pay a monthly fee to ADT.

Pretty new to the Smart Things environment, but am decently tech savvy. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Hi @toddelbow,

Have you caught up on any of these discussions? I know it’s a lot to read, but you may find what you need:

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I had the same situation when my house was built a ADT system was installed. I used theses Ecolink sensors tied into the pre wired zones of my ADT sytem and it works great.

Hello @toddelbow,
My house is also with old ADT system, and I never use it until few weeks ago until I found and followed instructions from this topic:
Connect wired alarm system sensors to SmartThings with a NodeMCU ESP8266

It is big success. Finally I can see status for all my doors & windows.
Few tips:

  1. You can buy NodeMCU (with base from Amazon) or few $$ cheaper from alibaba (give extra time for shipping).
  2. My ADT board supplied 17V AC to sensors, and I had idea I need the same. Wrong, 3V3 from ESP2866 is more than enough. Just connect one wire to GRD and second to the digital input.
  3. There is big chance your existing sensors are grouped together (per part of the house). You can detach each sensor and add it to its own ESP2866 input.
  4. You cannot use all ESP2866 input but max 5 per board. So if you have more than 5 doors & windows buy 2 or 3 of them (ESP2866 boards). I have 2 and they work like a charm.
  5. If your ADT board is hidden somewhere in basement of the house, be sure to get Wi-Fi extender that will hook system to your network.
  6. Have a fun :slight_smile:
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@burgerboydaddy I’m glad it’s working well for you!

I’m managing 6 inputs on mine so far using some of the non D pins.