Device Integration

Is Ecolink motion and contact sensor compatible with SmartThings?

You bet. There are tons of community discussions about those, so I recommend using the Search feature to find out more info.

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Ok, I finally got the motion and doors sensor installed - works like a champ with SmartThings; the problem I’m having is the Amazon Echoe is not recognizing them.! Are they (Ecolink and Echoe) compatible?

What are you trying to make echo so with them?

It won’t see sensors because it can’t control them. Echo isn’t designed for sensors, just things like switches, thermostats, dimmers, bulbs, and Routines.

The AskAlexa application reports on more sensor types. I get the temperature of my Lowes motion detectors throughout the house, for example. I think it can report motion status as well.

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It does John! It just not doing it with the ecolink at the moment.

I’m trying to have her announce when the door is open, but I have to make sure she recognize them first by having them show up in her smart home library.

It doesn’t by itself with SmartThings basic integration, but it does with other SmartApps like AskAlexa.

John, I know that the announcement aspect is not done by SH stand alone; I’m saying the Echoe does announce activities! It does it with other contact sensors but just not the Ecolink which is why I’m asking if the both are compatible or not.

It does. I have several on windows and doors announcing when they open or close, and even one on my mailbox and doorbell. Make sure the sensor is using the Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor device type, and that they’re set up under Doors/Windows/Locks within AskAlexa.

Ok, I’ll check it out. Thanks! I’ll keep you posted.