Smart thermostat for Inverter Air Conditioner

I am planning to purchase a multi inverter AC, and been told that neither Nest nor Ecobee3 would work with the inverter type. Do you know of a solution that would work to integrate an inverter AC to a smart things compatible thermostat?

I am not aware of one but do you know the model number of the equipment you are planning to get? I am just curious what type of proportional controller it will be using. Also just wondering that even though you might not be able to control it directly that possibly there could be an indirect method we could explore. The chances may be slim but I don’t mind looking.

Intesis makes wifi to rf that works with fujitsu and likely other brands.

At this time there is no driver for Intesis, but they say they may have an api in the future so that one could be written.

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interesting… so if I understand correctly the Intesishome solution would work with any inverter in their compatibility list
because it connects by infrared to the AC. Actualy is not a thermostat but a wifi device for the AC remote. But since it works with IFTT maybe here we have an indirect way to work with ST.

Would you recommend this approach or an ON\OFF AC with Nestor Ecobee or other (that works with 220v)

I use the Intesis, with the hope in the future it can integrate directly with ST.

I like I have full functionality on my phone (with their mobile app).

So I have not tried on/off with some other control. For me it loses too much functionality.

Your need may not match mine…

With IFTTT and Smartthings you can cobble together some basic automation with Intesis.

Using virtual thermostat to turn on/off a few virtual switches I have IFTTT activate different Intesis scenes based on a temperature sensor reading if I’m home/away.

For me, this approach works just as well as an on/off thermostat. On top of that Intesis is a nice stand alone control app

@artfldodger - any chance you can share the IFTTT logic and scenes you have set up? I’ve been wanting a better way to control than I can do in Intesis platform and haven’t figure out what logic to set up.


Sure thing, I’m still trying to get the hang of it and stumbling my way through but so far it’s been solid for a month with only 1 misfire. My basic goal was to have the AC’s roll back to a higher temp when everyone is away and turn on when everyone is home. Lots of text following, let me know if anything is confusing.

In Smart things I created a few virtual switches. When those switches turn on or off I have them connected to IFTTT to activate different scenes in Intesis.

Smartthings Home Cooling Switch:
on - IFTTT to execute Intesis “Cool” scene (which is turn on all ACs and set to 74 degrees)
off - IFTTT to execute Intesis “off” scene

Smartthings Night/Away Cooling Switch
on - IFTTT to execute Intesis “Away Cool” scene (which is turn on all ACs and set to 78)
off - IFTTT to execute Intesis “off” scene

In Smart things routines, I have it set to always turn off the home cooling switch when it changes to “away” or “night” modes and turn off the night/away cooling switch when it changes to “home” mode.

And finally, controlling those switches is the CoRE app connected to a temperature sensor.

Piston 1 “home cooling”

  • if temp goes over 76 degrees, turn on “home cooling switch”
  • Then, if temp goes under 74 degrees turn off “home cooling switch”
  • Only activate when mode is set to “home”

Piston 2 “away cooling”

  • if temp goes over 78 degrees, turn on “night/away cooling switch”
  • Then if temp goes under 77 degrees turn off “night/away cooling switch”
  • Only activate when mode is set to “night or away”

Try Breez-Smart Controller for Ductless ACs & Heat Pumps, by Cielo WiGle Inc. It Controls all IR controlled Air-Cons and Heat Pumps. They have their own dedicated Mobile App to control all their smart products. Works way better than even IFTTT logic.

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LG and Mitsubishi offer Dry Contact for Third Party thermostats adapters for their Multi / Inverter Line and use of Nest / Ecobee / Honeywell Lyric / etc

I bought an Ecobee 3 Lite + LG PDRYCB300 Dry Contact Adapter. Still haven’t installed the A/C, but I plan to use with Smart Things Integration.

It is not a simple install, and some functions won’t be available (vane control, quiet mode, ventilation speed in my case with Ecobee). But… that is the price of integration.

Any information you can share on the Mitsubishi adapters?

That’s the one I saw from Mitsubishi back then.