Smart switches suggestions needed

I am looking to buy some smart switches most are single pole will need a couple 3 way setups.

Leaning towards Lurton or Leviton. Any feedback or thoughts on one versus the other? I really don’t like the idea of another hub with Lurton and I like the idea of boasting my z wave network by adding leviton switches.

I just want them to be reliable and not look/feel cheap.

(Welcome! :sunglasses: I’ve moved this to projects so you can get individualized responses based on your own needs and preferences.)

If you hadn’t had a chance yet, you might take a look at the device class features thread, as that discusses some of the different options available for Z wave switches. The light switch discussion starts around post 40 in that thread:

Personally, I really like the engineering that goes into Lutron switches and have them in my own house. But they do look quite a bit different from traditional switches, and not everyone likes them.

In and of themselves, the Lutron switches are fast and reliable. But of course anything used with SmartThings automations is limited to the reliability of the SmartThings platform itself.

There are many different zwave brands, including Leviton, which offer more traditional rocker looks if you prefer that.

Thanks and thanks for the help with the title. I definitely prefer the rocker style and I’ll check out that post now.

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The one thing I can’t seem to easily figure out with the Lurton caseta is how do you get a 3 way setup without using a pico remote. The two locations I need the 3 way are already wired do you know which “companion” to use with the smart Lurton switch?

I found the Leviton documention mich easier and easier to follow and find Lutroms info not so easy to find or follow. Spent a couple hours last night looking at both, reading and looking at options at stores/online etc.

With Lutron Caseta you either use a pico as a virtual auxiliary in a three-way, or you can use physical traveler wires and connect it to a nonnetworked on/off toggle switch. The instructions are in the “advanced wiring” document on the Lutron site or in the SmartThings knowledge base:

The Lutron/Pico connection is local and will work even if the Internet is not available, if that’s a question.

You do need to use a Lutron smartbridge, but we found that to be very much a “set and forget” device. :sunglasses:

Lutron does still assume that most of their devices are installed by a certified distributors, not individual homeowners, so you’re right that the documentation is not as easy to find, but it is there. They also have an active community forum where people are very helpful.

Thanks for the KB info that helps! Good to hear the bridge is “set and forget” that was a concern for me if it was going to be one more thing to worry about.

If using the a toggle on one end it seems kind of weird that one switch would look and feel different than the other but I guess that’s what you get if you don’t want to go with the pico remote.

Is there any warnings before the pico remote battery dies? I assume they last quite a while. We actually already have one 3 way setup with a pico remote from the last home owner we just don’t have a bridge yet. The entire house is lutrom and it’s nice stuff sort of why I am leaning more toward Lutron.