Smart Switch with switched USB output?

I am setting up a few Samsung SmartCam HD Plus cameras. Until they are supported by the ST hub, I am planning on plugging them into smart switches, and have ST turn them on and off at predetermined times.

Since the cameras take 5V at a max of 2A (based on the capacity of the power supply that comes with them) I have them set up using a USB charger plugged in to a smart switch. This is a bit ugly.

Does anyone know of any smart switches that have 5V 2A switched USB outputs? Bonus points if they do not have 120V output at all (making them smaller).

I have seen some that have 120V switched outputs, and 5V USB but the USB power is always on on those devices that I have looked at (I think).

Thanks … Mike

You can have this USB/120v outlet and have an on/off relay module behind it. I would go with the Aeon because of the bonus power consumption option. Just be sure to have enough room with your gangbox and it’s not meant for your microwave or high power devices.

Usb/120v plug

Smart zwave relay module

Aeon micro


Thanks, I don’t think that’s going to work for me - there’s very little room inside the boxes (and I was hoping for a “plug in and go” solution).