Smart switch to replace 3-way toggle?

I have 2 skylights that are opened and closed using 3 way toggle switches like the one below. Is anyone aware of a smart switch I could use to automate the skylights? I would like to not only be able to manually open and close them using a smarthome integration, but I want to program them to open or close automatically based on indoor temperature and external windspeed.


is there any power running through the toggle, or is just completing a circuit (aka dry contact)?


Hi @cghall74,

In addition to @Automated_House’s question, when the switch is toggled in either direction, do you have to hold it there for the skylight to open/close and then it stops at your desired position when it returns to center?

One option I can think of would be to use FortrezZ’s Mimolite or MIMO2, but there are certain things to consider depending upon how that toggle operates:

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