Smart plugs (EU/UK) ? (Not plug-ins)

I am looking at buying a smart things hub, will it work with 3rd party sockets and switches such as Lightwave, Energenie etc, really want to use double sockets as opposed to plug in type sockets

Looks as though it does not work with Lightwave according to their specifications “Works with Samsung SmartThings No” also same for Energenie

Yes they will.
They will need the proprietary hub and then work hub to hub.
With lightify you can use an RPi which stops hub to hub integration.

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Its probably to fairer to say “can be made to work with, yes”. Not out of the box and not simply by making configuration changes.


So as a newbie to smart hubs, how can I know what devices I can use “out of the box” with this hub, to make life easier initially? Thanks for the replies.

Not a quick or easy to answer to that, since the list is forever changing and with a little bit of work (custom device handlers/DTHs) you can use a much larger range of devices with relatively little technical knowledge.

First, start here for what Smartthings say:

You’re probably best to think about what you want to automate and then look for specific threads here on what is available and ask questions. There’s a lot of very knowledgeable people here.

I will say that power sockets is probably one of weakest area for UK SmartThings users if you don’t want to use the plugins (as many people don’t).

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@ Paralytic thanks for this, Power sockets would be my main want at the moment, is there going to be a day when smart hubs are “smart” and all work to one rule where all devices work with any? Maybe now is too early to jump on board , maybe wait a year or two until some organisation happens.