Control ECO or KAB WiFi plugs in SmartThings through Alexa?

Is there a way to control Alexa enabled devices in SmartThings when they can’t be integrated directly into ST?

The cheap ECO (KAB) WiFi plugs seem to only be able to be controlled through the ECO app. There are some examples where people have soldered stuff on and flashes them but I am looking for a way to integrate without doing any soldering.

They do work with Alexa though and didn’t know if that could be a workaround to get them into SmartThings? Is there a way SmartThings can send a command to Alexa and that way indirectly control these?

At the present time there isn’t any way to send commands through Alexa in that fashion. That’s something that Amazon would have to open up, and they haven’t.

What some people have done when they had a device they really wanted to integrate with SmartThings, but the only available integration was with echo, was to get an inexpensive android device, literally set it next to the echo, and have it speak the appropriate commands using LANnouncer or similar method.

Obviously, that’s a hack, and is it fairly complex set up, but it will work and there are some people using it. :sunglasses: