Smart Oil Gauge - Web Scrape?

I recently purchased the Smart Oil Gauge from

It seems to work well. Information about remaining oil is kept on a website or an iOS/Android app. They also have an Amazon Echo skill.

They do not have an API.

Is it possible to build a device handler that basically scrapes the data from the website? I’m really only looking to know how many gallons remain in the tank.


I read through the old thread too and it didn’t pull anything up for me. Setting up an RSS feed for that website and integrating IFTTT with smartthings. The only problem is you probably have to “login” to that website, so the RSS feed probably won’t work.

Instead there may be a way to have alexa tell a virtual device in smartthings the sensor level and send alerts to smartthings. Wish I was more helpful but this thread may be a possible road: [RELEASE] Ask Alexa

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