Smart Nightlight issue

(Corey McLaughlin) #1

I have an issue that I’m hoping someone else has found a resolution too already. First let me describe my setup.

In my Master Bedroom I have a GE Dimmer controlling the overhead light, a Levity 3 speed fan switch, and a SmartSense Motion. Due to the room layout the Motion is aimed at the door otherwise we would be walking into a dark room.

The Smart Nightlight app only runs when in Night Mode so the light doesn’t turn on and off during the day. Also the light is configured via the smart to turn off the light after 1 minute. The idea was to allow the light to turn on when we go to bed and turn off without having walk to the switch or use our iPhones which we do not keep in the bedroom overnight.

My issue is, some times we want to be in the bedroom at night and after 1 minute the light keeps turning off. There appears to be no way of overriding the motion/smartapp command to stay on. I would think if I manually turn on the light via the switch of the iPhone app that would override the Smart nightlight app but it doesn’t work this way.

Any thoughts on how to solve this?

(Tim Slagle) #2

This is what i did. I have a “night” mode and a “Goodnight” mode. In the night mode have it react like you want it to. My bedroom lamp comes on and stays on for 1 hour after motion stops. Then in good night mode it comes on dimmer and only stays on for 2 minutes.

Hope this helps.