Smart Nightlight Mode issues

I have tried for a week to get a handle on the operation of what should be simple logic but to no avail.
I expect Smart Nightlight to turn on my lights at sunset with motion and work that way until sunrise if desired. Using modes should negate part of the functionality.

I set the sunrise offset to 01:00 (before) and the mode to home so I should have light on at sunset -1 hour and lights out (until next sunset) when I switch to night mode.

What I get is lights on at 1 hour before sunset as requested but the lights just keep on triggering all night and into the day well after sunrise.

What part of the mode “magic” am I missing as others use this app with no grief.


@daven, I’ve had similar issues. I had smart nightlight set to turn on a couple of kitchen lights from half an hour before sunset to half an hour after when in home or night modes. It has worked but I’m getting lots of daylight hour activation also. It’s not consistent but it is frequent.

I was in touch with support and told that Smart Nightlight essentially doesn’t work properly. He passed the info on and left the ticket open promising to let me know when a resolution is available. I suggest you contact them also so they know its an issue for more than one person. The more customers that have an issue, the more likely a fix is to come sooner.

Thanks for the info Linda. I will start a ticket.
This morning I had 2 of my 3 lights obey the app and one that just decides it wants to come one any time it wishes.