Smart night light?

Anyone know if any products that fall into the category of hallway plugin nightlight?

Or is my only option to get a smart power plug with a regular night light connected to it?

What do you want to be smart about it? Just the ability to turn it on and off? Or the ability to change colors? Or a built in motion sensor?

  1. If you just want the ability to turn it on and off, you can plug many regular nightlights into a smart pocket socket. Many of them will turn on when the power comes on.

  2. Another option for a plain white one is the new Amazon flex with the nightlight add on. (It also has a motion sensor add on, but you can only use one add on at a time.) integration is through echo routines. But I think this one will be overpriced for what you get.


If you want the ability to change colors, there are several options.

  1. Homeseer offers a $60 version of the EzMultiPli zwave which is expensive but popular. It has a lux sensor, motion sensor, temperature sensor, and the ability to change colors:

  1. the $32 Sylvania Smart Plus LED zigbee light strip works well with smart things and makes a nice night light

  1. Phillips makes a Hue candelabra E 12 bulb in either white or RGBW that will fit in some night lights. Typically $25 for the white only or $49 for the RGBW. Use with a hue bridge.

  1. centralite makes a zigbee nightlight, but since they just went through bankruptcy this year (they have since been acquired by EZlo)
    , stock is hard to find. I’m not sure if they are going to continue manufacturing it or not. I know some community members got it.

  1. I normally think Z wave single purpose “range extenders” are a waste of money since you can use any other mains powered device instead And get better value. But the dome Z wave repeater makes a good nightlight, only costs about $30, and supports S2 security. So it might be a candidate for your use case.

  1. any smart Wi-Fi nightlight that works with echo can be integrated to some degree through echo routines. But exactly how much integration will vary a lot.

  2. I personally really like the ring security lights, although you need a ring bridge to make them really smart. Integration would be through echo, I think. I use the dumber version of these (just a built in motion sensor) and really like them. They are just really well engineered. But I’m not sure if you want to go in this direction if you don’t already have other ring products. Also, these are battery powered, not plug-in. But I did just want to mention them.


So there are some choices, it just depends on exactly what you’re looking for. :sunglasses::bulb:


Awesome as always man. Thanks so much.

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