Smart mousetrap

Nothing hightech, but just fun to share… (If you’re not supposed to do so, sorry!)

When I was hooking up the LED under my bed and connecting the wiring behind the wall (small space under the roof/behind the bedroom wall) I found out a mouse was in there as well (droppings and chewed stuff). Now it’s a place I don’t go often, as it’s behind the wall and just has a little bit of storage, I don’t want to keep checking if I caught something.
There are very nice (and expensive) options out there, but a simple door sensor on a mousetrap should work just as well!

the contactsensor is open for 10 seconds (to not get a accidental miss report)
sens a report to all members: “Dead mouse in the house”


Great idea. Last fall (as it turned cold and they came in), I caught several mice after I found some evidence like you. This would’ve been great to have setup then.

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There’s always this option as well:

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I’m guessing US only.
Mousetrap and cheap sensor is 20-25 euro.
Still not very expensive!

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adding mass to the handle will slow it down a bit. I bet it works fine anyway. If you put it nearer to the hinge then the effect would be less.

True, but the Aqara magnet is light and where I put it I had a better place to stick it (more contact).

But I invite you to come and put your finger in it :stuck_out_tongue:

ok hold my beer (it’ll slow me down)

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Works great!


Never caught anything and today… another one!

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