Connected Rodent Trap

Found an interesting new device on Amazon that has apparently been tested…

Fortunately my cats have my rodent situation under control, but this may be useful for others.Its Z-Wave plus certified and apparently works with SmartThings.

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Now that is an interesting product. They tested it with ST, I wonder what type of device it gets detected as. Contact sensor?

We discussed this when they showed it at the CEDIA exhibition. There’s no indication that this thing is actually going to come to market, but maybe. :smirk_cat: They haven’t yet sold any yet at retail. It looks more like an attention grabber for the rest of their new line.

I just add a SmartSense or other tilt-detect sensor to one of these…


Product announcement might be waiting on SHM integration: five days after death of mouse, SHM opens the doors to let the stink out.

Watch for it! Currently forecast for release Aprin 1 of next year…

Here’s the device handler for the Dome Mouser:

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