Smart Locks Home Solution? Did miss something?

Unfortunately not. Like Smart Lights and Smart Home Monitor, that code is not open, sorry.

Interesting that the official ST smartapp is not as robust as custom smartapps that predated the existence of the official app.

Obviously there would be an advantage to local processing, but that has to be balanced against overall functionality. The Lock Manager app I’m using (ethayer) functions perfectly and does exactly what I need. Two 8-digit codes stored in the lock itself, the other seven stored in the smartapp and sent to the lock only when needed… different actions in webcore based on which code opens the lock and at what time that occurs.

Is there a DTH I can use with my Schlage Connect that works with this and still provides all the functionality? It seems rather silly to have to use some super simple basic device handler just to use the built in lock manager. I want all the features my lock supports to still be available to me.

EDIT: I give up. This terrible smart app will not even work. All I can do is lock and unlock my locks with it, what an amazing set of features! /s
Maybe I am understanding this wrong, but I thought as long as my locks were set to the built-in “Z-wave Lock” device handler then it should work. But it doesn’t. Is there a different device handler I should be using?

Is this app not completed? It’s just a blank page.

@RBoy has a smartapp and device handler that do everything you are asking for and more. I love it and his support is FANTASTIC.

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Interesting setup note: I had been following the instructions for my Kwikset 910 (Z-Wave, obv.), and in my enthusiasm I set up 4 codes on the lock itself, three for family members (including myself) and one for a cleaning person. When I discovered the new Smart Locks Home Solution, I only saw the first code I had added listed under “Lock Codes”, so I tried adding to the app the codes that I had already added to the lock, and after it hung for a few seconds I got the message “The Lock Code couldn’t be created. Please try again.” every time.

So the next thing I did was add a new code for our pet sitter in the app, and I noticed I was able to add that, so to confirm my suspicions I then deleted it, and I was then able to add the code for the second family member in the app. (I documented not only the codes for each family member, but their “position” in the lock’s memory.)

For further confirmation, I tried again to add the third family member via the app, but changed the last digit of the code, and that worked, so I then deleted that entry in the app and added it back with the correct last digit, and that worked.

So to summarize, it seems the app fails to create codes if that code already exists, but if there are codes entered in the lock that are not showing in the app, the app will overwrite those codes, as it does not seem to know are there. For example, if you enter 5 codes in the lock but only 2 show up in the app, the next one you add in the app will overwrite the 3rd code entered via the lock.

So yes, it is definitely simpler to add all the codes via the app. At least now I have a master code, so no one who might have access to the house (and the back of the lock) can sneak in another code. And after going through all that, I now have push notifications of who unlocked the door and when, which is what I was really hoping for.

Hope this helps!

Hey @Brad_ST - would like to report an issue with the Smart Locks app (actually it may go beyond just that one app to a bug in the local processing engine)

If one uses the stock ST device handler but runs it in the cloud instead of locally on the hub, the Smart Locks app does not update the state of the lock or the dashboard.

There appears to be a bug in local processing where smart apps interacting with cloud device handlers doesn’t appear to get event notification updates. One has to manually force a page refresh or restart the app for it to “see” the event updates. ie. the event updates from device handlers running the cloud isn’t reaching the local execution smart apps.

Very easy to replicate this issue. Hopefully it’ll be an easy fix from ST’s engineers on this one.

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Was the above accomplished with the new SmartLocks app and the SmartThings DTH, or RBoy’s app & DTH? (or a combination thereof?)

I am pretty sure I got it by going to the Dashboard, tapping on the Smart Home Monitor, clicking the gear in the upper right, and choosing “Custom” to create a new monitoring rule. Right now under “SmartApps” for the lock it just lists “Front Door activity”, and when I tap that the config screen looks like this:

Note that if I tap “What kind of device do you want to use?”, I can choose all kinds of sensors in addition to a lock:

Thanks. I keep forgetting about SHM :grinning:

Went to the IDE and it said the codeLength is 4. Fine, probably the default is 4. Manually set the code length from the hardware (the lock itself) to 7. Even I created a new code with 7-digit successfully.

And here is the interesting part. I went to the IDE again, and it still said codeLength is 4. And I think this is why the SmartLock app can only handle 4-digit codes.

Yep, one of the minor quirks of the stock DTH. I think at some point in future they may add support to change the digits remotely but for now it’s better to program the digits before pairing the lock when using the stock DTH.

If you’re using the Enhanced Z-Wave lock DTH, which also works with SmartLocks, you can tap the refresh button and it’ll update all the lock parameters including the code length.

I confirmed this is true. If you set the code length before pairing with a hub, the codeLength will default to the one you have set.

Was previously able to add/modify codes. Now get error message to try again. Expect conflict with device handlers. Please advise how to revert to Smartthings default handler. Can see other handlers in IDE and delete but still show up - says in use. Thanks

Even after reverting back to Samsung’s handler I was never able to get the built in lock tool to work again.

Now able to add/change codes. From My Devices, selected lock and edit. Changed Type to Z-Wave Lock.

@Brad_ST, Did the ability to trigger routines ever get moved up on the road map? It’s been almost a year.

Unless I am confused about the question, you should be able to trigger a Routine when a lock is locked or unlocked:

@Brad_ST, Yes that is what I wanted to do.

I removed (factory defaulted my lock) and deleted all the custom device handlers I had.

I re-added the lock.

I cannot for the life of me find that screen however. Where is it?

  • In the Classic App navigate to Automation --> Routines
  • Tap the gear icon for an existing Routine or create a new one
  • Tap to set “Automatically perform…”
  • Select “Door locks or unlocks”

Excellent! I apparently didn’t go down the rabbit hole deep enough. I’ve successfully moved all my important devices to locate processing!

Now I just need to get my current support case resolved with my lock not updating status, and I should be all set.