Smart Locks Guest Access not available in US

I am in the US, the Smart Locks Guest Access smart app is not showing up in the SmartApp screen in the SmartThings App. I realize it’s available in the US but I am in the US, I had the location permissions turned off but turned it on, restarted the phone, still no Smart Locks Guest Access in the smart app.

Please help, I need to be able to control the guest codes remotely. I am aware of the other app by rboy but I’d like to us the Smart Locks Guest Access app

Thank you!

Check out the life tab and see if it is there. May have to install it.

The app doesn’t call it a SmartApp, it calls it a Service. So if it is installed it will appear on the Life tab, and if it isn’t installed you hit + on the Life tab, or + and Services on the Favourites tab. It it isn’t listed there you do have a problem.


Thank you! I found it in the life tab after purchasing and installing RBOY’s app. I don’t understand why Samsung did not update their instructions as to where to find the Smart Locks Guess Access - all instructions I could find said it was to be found under the SmartApp.

Thank you again for chiming in, hopefully this will help someone in the future.

Mine is missing as well (in US) and not available in Life (if I hit the + I have Homecare wizard, smartthings air, and 4 others, but no guest lock access). This is with the new 1.6.73 IOS version. I reached out to support and am waiting to hear back.

There is a new problem which just hit this week and multiple users are reporting missing lock features. See the following.

Smart lock guest access stopped working and now i cant delete user codes issued to guests

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