Smart Locks can't create any new codes

Greetings. I have a Schlage Century deadbolt lock connected to a Smartthings hub. I’m using Android and have Smartthings Classic installed. Then through marketplace I installed Smart Locks. Everything works well and is updated. The only problem is that when I click on codes and try to create any new code with any new name I get an error that that code already exists. (sometimes I just type random letters for a name and random numbers for a code).

I can create codes physically on the keypad no problem. I just can’t do it on the phone. Even though I can use the phone to lock and unlock the door with zero issue. I’ve tried removing and reconnecting the lock from the hub.

Any ideas?

What device handler do you have assigned to the lock?

z wave lock

I think its the DTH that is causing the issue. I’m pretty sure the Z wave lock DTH can’t work with custom codes. You’d have to look at a custom dth like this one from @RBoy.