Smart Lock

I am going to be buying a smart lock for my front door and was just curious as to which smart lock do most go with?

I am tossed between the Kwikset 916 or the Schlage Camelot Connect. I want to ability to lock,unlock, see battery percentage, create/delete user codes on demand. I will be purchasing Rboys lock application but I am not sure if the kwikset 916 supports all of those features?

@RBoy. I think many prefer the Schlage locks due to their additional features and the ability to set volume, auto lock, privacy mode, and one touch locking through the DTH. Many believe the Schlage are a better quality lock as well.

However, the Kwikset locks can do all of the things you are asking for above. They are also very popular.


See the existing active discussion on exactly this topic. You’ll get a lot of information there. :sunglasses: