Smart lock unlocks when door opened from inside

My Smartlock unlocks when I open the door from the inside. I think this is unnecessary. Is there any way to turn this off so the lock stays locked. (Not a dead bolt)

What’s the brand and model of the lock and what country do you live in?

(In most places in the United States, if the lock is on a building where people sleep it is required that the block be able to be opened from the inside “without any special knowledge, key, or equipment.” This is for fire safety. For this reason, most locks for the US residential market are made to be easy to open from the inside.)

Also, how do you open the door if the lock doesn’t unlock? i’m not quite sure I understand the situation you’re describing.

I have one Yale and one Schlage and they both do the same thing. I am in the US. The inside knob is unlocked all the time which is ok . I agree that it should be. But when I open the door and the sensor show “open” then the lock electronically unlocks the outside knob (or lever to be more exact). I don’t need it to unlock when I am leaving the house

I didn’t understand what you mean by this. When you say open do you mean unlock it using a code or open it?

Are you using a Schalge FE599?

When I’m inside and simply open the door and the door sensors state goes to OPEN, then the lock is unlocked allowing the door to be opened from the outside without a code for up to 5 minuets. I don’t want the lock to change states when the door is opened from the inside. This is not a dead bolt lock. Yes, it is a Schlalge FE599

Okay there a couple of things to note here. The FE599 is an auto relock lock and few some quirks/bugs in the firmware. For one critical firmware bug we had submitted a workaround patch to SmartThings and it was incorporated into the stock device handler. The other firmware bugs patches and some feature enhancements are available in the custom Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler.

When I say auto relock lock, it means that when you unlock it from the outside using a code, it’ll unlock and then relock itself. You can’t change this behavior, it’s how the lock firmware is designed.

If you press the Unlock button on the inside (manual unlock or remote unlock via ST), it’ll remain unlocked until you lock it again (manual lock or remote lock via ST).

If you “open” the door by pulling down on the lever from the inside:

  • while it’s locked, it’ll remain locked
  • while it’s unlocked, it’ll remain unlocked

So the only way it should change states is if you’re pressing the unlock button on the inside. If you don’t want it to change state, then just pull down in the lever without manually unlocking it and it’ll remain locked (if I understood what you’re trying to do here).

I am not pressing the unlock button when I exit. The lock changer state when the door sensor shows the door has been opened. This is what I am trying to stop.
I can be watching the app and when the door sensor shows open for the front door then front door lock goes from locked to unlock.
I have the Schalge FE599 with the device handler 4.07.02 - should i upgrade to the enhanced? This started when I changed from the classic app to the new and upgraded the handler. The door did not unlock on the old app when opened from the inside by just turning the lever.

I found the problem - I programed a smart app that I thought would lock the door when closed. It did but it also unlocked the door on sensor open ie door open. I think what i was trying to do was delay the relock when I unlocked with a code.
I simply turned off the app and now the lock is not changing states when I open the door from the inside.
Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the help.