Disarming ST when unlock button is pressed from the inside?

I have a schlage lever lock. Trying to figure out a way to disarm ST when the unlock button is pressed from the inside and not the keypad. I’ve been using Rboy’s DH and smartapp. But as far I’ve been able to figure out , it seems to only disarm/arm when a keycode is entered from the outside on the keypad.


“Manual Unlock” is an Event sent from many Smart Locks and maybe @RBoy’s handler can utilize it.

But a little point to keep in mind…

Disarming when the lock is unlocked without a code is rather defeating the purpose of Arming your home in the first place!

One thing a burglar is apt to do if they break in through a nearby window or force the lock is… Unlock the door so they know they can get out easily with “the goods”.

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I have considered those things as well. But I could add in some other preconditions. Such as Presence sensor (Life 360 and ST), hour of day etc. Basically what I’m trying to do is auto disarm the ST to avoid triggering the alarm in the morning when my kids or wife leave the house.

So my options are 1) Put in a rule to only disarm the door within a specific time period when the unlock button is pushed from the inside. 2) Buy a Iris keypad from Lowes. But getting couple of kids to press the disarm keys is going to be a challenge. 3) Put in a rule to disarm the ST within a specific time block in the AM hours. Again, that would be based on presence state.

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SmartThings definitely intend(ed) “Presence” to be the primary condition for lots of automations, including SHM; but also including environment; i.e., adjust the heating and lighting when someone is home, etc…

Taking a multi-factor approach is a good idea unless it gets too complicated. :wink:

If you are using Rboy’s DTH then just create a routine to disarm the alarm and have the DTH run it when the door unlocks. Also, like Terry @tgauchat says above, put a presence sensor in the routine so it will not run if somebody is not home.


I’ve tried that and for some reason the disarm routine doesn’t seem to actually disarm when pressing the inside unlock button. Works fine when a code is entered from the keypad.

Sorry forgot about that just use webcore. That is what I did, I use the other for code unlock.