Smart Lock Guest Access - lock missing

I just converted from Wink. Both of my Schlage BE469 locks are showing up in the SmartThings app and are working correctly. I’ve installed the Smart Lock Guest Access app. When I try to create codes, I’m only seeing one of my two locks. At first, I thought that this might be because they both defaulted to the same name when they installed. So, I changed them to Front Door (the one that I can set codes for) and Back Door. I’ve also tried removing and re-adding the back door to the hub. But, I still don’t see the back door as an option in the “assign to lock” drop down. Am I doing something wrong?

No you aren’t doing anything wrong. Just to check, you’re using the same “location” to add your locks, i.e. you can see both your locks at the same time in the ST app. Since you’ve already tried to exclude and re add your lock then the next thing to try is to uninstall and reinstall the guest lock app.
If that doesn’t work you may want to contact ST support or look into another app like LUM to manage your locks, users, notifications and actions.

Thanks. They are in both in the same location. As a matter of fact, I can see them both in the main Smart Lock Guest Access screen. It’s only when I go to the Lock Codes screen and try to “invite guest” that the Back Door is not visible.

It’s also not being shown in the main Lock Code screen where Front Door is shown with the list of people who codes are named for below it. But, I don’t know if that’s an error or if it’s just not there because there are no codes created for Back Door.

I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the Guest Access app. That didn’t work either. I’ll try contacting ST support next.

I just recently switched over to the Guest access app from the another third party lock manager. Not Rboys, I have no experience with it, but they give good advice on the forum so it probably works well. The developer on the app I was using had stopped working on it because of the upcoming changes to ST, I don’t blame him really. Anyway, I didn’t need anything fancy and decided to try the Guest access smartapp in the new ST app…

When I first tried to use it none of my locks would show up. In my case it was due to the DTH used by the lock. I would assume since you have the same locks and you probably installed them at approximately the same time they would be using the same DTH, but maybe not.

I had to switch to the default Z-wave lock DTH. Not the Z-wave lock with codes. I first tried that one but found out it is not the one to use, seems like it would be but it’s not.

At the advice of Tech Support, I deleted and reinstalled the Smart Things app on my phone. Then I rebooted the hub (unplug, wait a couple of minutes, plug back in). After the reboot, I was able to see the back door in Guest Access.