Smart lock guest access can't invite guests

lock type is a schlage fe599. since Rboy stopped working i installed smart lock guest access and i see things fine but can not do a invite guest i enter the info and hit create code but just get the error something went wrong. hoping it’s just a driver issue or something but i would really like to get this working.

use this community developed tool (in place of IDE) to determine what Driver the lock is using. Is it DTH or Edge?

in the tool, find the device and tap details… share a screenshot of the details screen.

I know that with the Kwikset locks if ST can’t find a driver with the exact fingerprints it pairs it as a lock with no keypad and then you can’t invite guest. See if the figerprint of your lock is included in the Philh30 Zwave lock driver and use it instead. He has included a lot more functionality for Schlage locks in it than the stock Zwave lock driver has.