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Smart Lighting unless light is on?

(cory) #1

I have a hallway light that’s working fine with a motion sensor during nighttime hours… but I’d really like to have it NOT go on if the light is on in the room next to the hallway… Is there a smart app for that?


CoRE would be the best option.


(Robin) #4

Here is an example of this using CoRE:

(David Hamilton) #5

You could do this with Smart Lighting app as well, I tend to find it easier than Core. But to do it, you light in the next room would have to trigger a Mode change. So essentially it would take at least two rules in Smart Lighting to the one in Core. Go with Core, its worth the learning curve.

(Ron Talley) #6

Couldn’t agree more! Kept looking over CoRE because it seemed so complex but once you get a handle on it, the reward is far greater than the sacrifice of learning how to use it.

(cory) #7

I got CoRE up and running, I’ll give it a try!


If you get stuck on any particular piston, feel free to ask for assistance in the core peer assistance thread. That’s what it’s for. :sunglasses:

(cory) #9

I built my first piston in CoRE and it worked perfectly! Took a few minutes to figure out the interface, but now I have my entry light going on between sunset and sunrise when there’s motion in the entry way and the kitchen light isn’t on.

Thanks for the suggestion, now I’m going to go get lost in what CoRE is cabable of automating!

(Robin) #10

Say goodbye to the next month / year of your life. :smile_cat: