Smart Lighting Issue Using More Than 8 Open/Close Sensors As Triggers

I wonder if someone can see if they have this issue with Smart Lighting.

What I tried to do was turn on a 2 switches (which turn on recording for my indoor cameras) if any of my 15 Open/Close sensors opened while I was away or sleeping. What I found is that if I select more than 8 sensors as triggers, then Smart Lighting will not display the second screen where you can change the rule name and save. It just hangs with a blank screen.

It’s not related to any individual sensor as I checked different combinations of sensors with the same results. It seems that I am capped at 8 individual Open/Close triggers.

As an experiment, I tried using 10 Motion Sensors to see if the limiting behavior was exhibited with all triggers. It wasn’t. I was able to select all 10 of my Motion Sensors so it doesn’t appear to be a hard limit on the number of triggers allowed.

I can use WebCoRe to accomplish what I want but, I am curious if others see this behavior and if so, is this a bug or is it done on purpose in Smart Lighting.

Just create multiple Smart Lighting instances with the same configuration except for non-overlapping trigger list.

If Smart Lighting has a bug, I doubt SmartThings will fix it very quickly for this edge case.

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I was curious if it was just me. I doubt they would fix anything to do with the classic app at this point.

I have already created a WebCoRe piston because I ended up needing a motion sensor in the mix too. It would have ended up taking 3 Smart Lighting rules to accomplish the task.

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