Smart lighting + Hue - delaybetween lights when turning on

hey guys i’m using the smart lighting app to have a motion sensor turn on 2 hue led strips. the problem i’m facing is it does not turn on the lights at the same time, there is a delay between when the led strips get powered on and it just looks bad Anyway to have the lights turn on in sync?

See the existing discussion thread (this is a clickable link). this problem was first reported five months ago, but has not yet been fixed:

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This is a Hue issue not an ST issue. I have Hue dimmers and Taps and see the same delay with multiple lights. With Hues Gen2 strips it is more like a wave coming across the room. We have 3 gen2 Hue strips in the kitchen and with Hue dimmer switch, one strip comes on, 1-2 seconds later the second, and then 1-2 seconds after that the third comes on. It is the same with the 4 Hue white in the fan. Press the button on Hue Tap and sometimes they come on together, other times they come on 1 at a time.

Just another FirstWorldProblem.