Smart Lighting(cloud) or Lighting Automation(local) which one to keep? or both

My auto light on and off do not come back on when motion is detected again.
But not all the time.

Smart Lighting is going to be phased out at some point in the not too distance future (maybe this year or early next year)… so it gets my vote as the one to get rid of.


Thanks. I have removed it.

But the 200 limit automation restriction means that I’ve had to use smart lighting on many of my automations.

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Is Lighting Automation some type of SmartApp or what? Like Smart Lighting?

I am certain he meant Automations

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Gossip? Do you serve a purpose with your comments? Seriously!

  1. Affect not effect

  2. The day that flipping my light switch does not turn on my light or walking into a room and light doesn’t turn on will hardly affect my life. It might be a minor inconvenience, but there are more serious things going on in the world and with the people in my family that could affect my life than a light not turning on.

  3. @Grayson_HUBBERT -The Smart lighting app is written in groovy code. SmartThings announced all things groovy are being phased out.


That what I thought. Thanks.

Thanks, that what I thought, but probably should done 2 separate questions.