Smart Lighting and Minimote

I have 3 minimote remotes, all programmed the same and I have a complaint regarding the way they work with Smart Lighting.

If I turn on a light with button 1 on remote 1, then I can turn off the light with the same remote by pushing button 1 again.
If I use another remote to turn off the light, then I have to push the same button twice.

It looks like the on-off status can be different for each remote and this causes the problem above.

It would be better if the smart app was looking for the status of the light (or other device), and turn on if off, and turn off if on, independent of which remote is used.

Works OK with other smart apps (Core), but not with the officially supported Smart Lighting.

Comments from SmartThings would be appreciated.

This is primarily because the Smart Lighting app was designed for very simple scenarios.

I, too, wish it could handle slightly more complex conditions and exceptions. It would eliminate the need for having a multitude of community Smart Apps just to handle fairly basic use cases that could’ve easily been covered in Smart Lighting.

Odd…I only have one minimote, but several Iris buttons (gen 2) and the minimote and buttons work fine together. I can turn on the light w/the Iris button and then turn off the light w/the minimote w/a single button press. Single button press each time.

What DTH are you using for the Minmote - I’m using kyse : Kyse’s Aeon Minimote.


I have two Minimote controlling the same lights and it doesn’t work this way but the way you want. I configured “Lights to Toggle” instead of “Lights to Turn On” but then again I am not using Smart Lighting but Button Controller Plus for the smartapp

Here is a Tip&Trick you might consider using with Smart Lighting [quote=“professordave, post:7, topic:51665, full:true”]
In addition to the button app, you can use an instance of the smart lighting to read minimote button presses.

I have a minimote velcro’ed to the wall with button one mapped to turn on light and button 2 mapped to turn off light.

I use 2 buttons instead of one button with the toggle option, to help ensure reliability and reduce any potential latency with smart things recognizing the current state of the lights the minimote is controlling.