Smart Home Monitor with Video Clips as a premium paid service

Isn’t this kills the whole purpose of buying and integrating with smart things and not to use any paid service providers already there in market to monitor home or record event video and get paid. I was very disappointed to read this, unless someone tell me how to get around it, easily and use cheap camera to start home monitoring myself , “without paying monthly charges”

Are video services free?
Live streaming is free.

Customers can currently enjoy a free trial of clip-based recording within Smart Home Monitor. Smart Home Monitor with Video Clips will be transitioning to a premium paid service soon.

Smart Home Monitor with Video Clips as a premium paid service will be available for only $4.99/month.

Stay tuned for more information about this service.

How do you expect SmartThings to absorb the cost of providing video storage and without passing that cost onto their customers in the form of optional fees?

Samsung SmartThings is a for-profit company. Do you think that the $80/hub actually covers the cost of the lifetime infrastructure and support?


According to that page has been up since May 20, 2016


Probably allow storing videos on your hard disk, nas or your own cloud space, I don’t know. They are different, hence they are here, much ahead of curve of others, I expect them to find a innovative solution not hurting customers financially, who are already bleeding due to high supported sensors costs. They should not be and are not like others pay, subscribe model.

A sleeping volcano, can wake up any moment :slight_smile:

The most “innovative solution” for any business is finding a path to profitability. SmartThings has indicated since day #1 (5 years ago), that add-on options would likely be one of the paths.


I guess I’m unsure what the issue is. The service and associated fee are optional.


Whats the point of a partial home security system without event based recoding and storage. Its option for ST but needed for basic camera based home security, which they claim to offer. I guess if it was not that important aspect, it would not be chargeable and lot of companies will not be doing just that and earning ton in past. ST is suppose to change the status quo.

Agreed. But they are not on path of other commpanies to make profit, else ST would not be here, much ahead of them, doing just what everyone is doing. I am sure there are many others way to make money and not doing same what others have done and failed or much much behind ST. I say again , ST is ahead in game from other like iris, wink, etc, so called free or dyi solutions, is beacuse of no monthly cost, super quality, ease to handle and innivation. Don’t think they plan to be on path of wink or cpi or esle. Else someone esle will replace them in market and that could be well be amazon, since they are going aggressively on home automation hiding under plain sight, as they keep buildig there infrastructure beneath, which kind of is already there, solid relaible and proven.

I am not arguing here, just speaking a customer poijt of view after doing my own market research and state of IOT currently.

Well, I don’t consider ST a capable Home Security System (no matter what ST says) so I never think of it that way. Anyway, in addition to ST for HA, I have a dedicated, monitored security system because I think it’s needed and the monthly price is justifiable. I also have unmonitored outside cameras that record 24/7 which also saves the feed to my own DVR, I don’t pay a monthly service fee for that because I don’t think it’s worth the cost. The point of this mixed bag of technology is that I’m deploying what I think is useful and worth what I pay. All of these things are options. If ST started charging for something I wanted to use, I’d pay for it and keep going. If not, I’d make another choice. ST is running a business and can choose to charge for whatever they need to make a profit. It’s then up to me (and everyone else) to decide if I agree or not.

In this case, since it’s optional and don’t want the option, it’s fine with me. I like options.


Where do they “claim to offer” video clip storage for no fee?

In fact anything and everything in SmartThings is subject to fees at anytime: Terms

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Which home automation products give you cloud video recording for free, based on your research?

And how much cloud storage space (that none of us own) should each of us get to store our videos for free? And for how long?


Smartthings does give you free snapshot jpeg even on none official camera. If video is a big thing for you then maybe get a DVR. I use blue Iris for video and using the same cameras for snapshot with ST.


I will argue, if not several, then many. My friends use iris, they have free cloud storage for 3 day or 24 hour. They use it hence I know. Wyze cam has 14 days of cloud storage FREE. Point is, they are ways to give video ability, on cloud or on drive or on sd card, almost all are doing it. I expect ST to be better than them.

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Given the super affordable price of their camera, I don’t expect this amount of free storage to continue. Not only is it a non-trivial ongoing expenditure (bandwidth and storage are both expensive); but they are missing a huge opportunity. I really suspect this is “flashy lure” situation. Reel them in…


Hmm, according to the iris website, cloud storage for videos is available with their monthly paid plans.

My point is, somebody has to pay for that cloud storage. Either the user, or the company that provides the service.


I’m unsure why you expect this…