Smart Garage door opener help


Our house had a smart garage door opener when we bought it. It looks like iris or linear smart garage opener, but it doesn’t have a name on it so I can’t really tell which brand is it. I tried to connect to my SmartThings app using both the options and also tried to connect it automatically and my app didn’t recognize the opener. Now I’m not sure what brand is it. Is there a way I can recognize it or connect to SmartThings?

What is it that led you to believe it’s a smart opener?

Most openers have a small data plate containing the make and model on them somewhere. If you don’t see it on the outside, try removing the housing.

If you post a picture, someone might recognize it.

It looks exactly like the attached picture except that it’s white and doesn’t have brand name on it.image

Linear OEMs thier controller under about 6 different brand names.

Don’t worry they all are pretty much identical and use the same DTH.

Just use the general device exclusion on your ST hub and the device (instructions are on the Gocontrol site) to ensure it no longer thinks its on the old network. Then just add the device to your ST network. It’s a generically recognizable device and should just be picked up if it’s operating properly.