SDGE Smart Meter Direct Connect?

We got a northern cali thread going. How about us SoCal guys?

Anyone get our Smarthubs to talk to San Diego Gas and Electrics Smartmeter?

Finding all sorts of cool links about this. Here are some devices able to use Zigbee to connect.

@mpdano – There are a couple of different things at play here. First, most smart meters are Zigbee Smart Energy Profile devices and the SmartThings Hub currently is not, we’re a Zigbee Home Automation Profile device. SEP requires a different set of certifications than HA, and we haven’t decided yet if we want to go down that route. Without being certified and having a signed certificate on board the SmartThings Hub, we can’t join an SEP network.

Second, if we were to get past that and were to get SEP certified, most smart meters act as the Zigbee SEP coordinator in their network, and SEP does not allow for more than one coordinator. Since the SmartThings Hub is the coordinator in the HA network, it would be a significant engineering challenge to make it join the SEP network as an end-device.

Talking to smart meters has been something that we’ve definitely put some thought into, but aren’t quite there yet.

I hope that’s helpful.


Great post as I am still learning here. I saw the other thread and figured it would be similar and just needed to get tailored to SDGE’s set up.


I’ll keep watching.

I an in the OC with SDG&E, solar, and ST. I have my smart meter talking to a rainforest eagle zigbee monitor and then aggregating to Works great!!


Thanks for that Severum. I see the device on the links I posted.