Smart Chair

Thanks for the reply. That might be a bit beyond me right now :frowning:

Jody, is there maybe a smart app already out there that would do some of that so that I could look at it and try and reverse engineer it?

I am putting one together today. I will post it here tonight/tomorrow.

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Thanks Jody!

I was reading up on custom coding this today and got to looking at the 3Axis data on my IDE page. I’m able to slide the Multi from one side of my desk to the other without it ever changing coordinates as long as the movement is smooth. It seems that it will only trigger the sensors if it starts or stops abruptly or hits a bump.

I’m not sure if this sensor will work due to that. Ultimately, I’d like for the rotation of the chair (X axis) to trigger the sensor since that is where most of the movement will be. Sitting at the computer the chair does not go up and down much and does not lean back much either.

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Hi Jody, in progress on this front? I’d really like to get this setup in my office for the 3 lamps as well as in the wife’s office for her overhead lights. She always forgets to turn them off.

I did get it started, just need to find the time to finish it up. Should be able to finish it on Friday.

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That would be awesome!

Any progress?

@Etoimos I have just moved into a new house (from an apartment) This project should be back on my radar in the next couple of weeks.


That would be cool.

Perhaps you guys can use my chair example in In room detection of Occupancy

Its pretty good and false positive doesnt happen
I tried the pressure mat method, doesnt work as well

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Did you ever finish this project?

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Has anyone been able to get this to work with a contact device which can work post groovy/edge migration?

I don’t use this method anymore as I switch between sitting and standing with my desk.