One more multisensor to set up...suggestions?

So I bought a total of seven ST multisensors. I have six in use…four on interior/exterior doors & sliders and the other two on each of my two garage doors. So with the one remaining I am thinking of putting this out in my mailbox but do I really need to know when the mail is delivered LOL? Any other suggestions? I do have a door in one of my BR cabinets that I keep some semi-valuable stuff in. I guess I could be checking to see if my cleaning ladies open this drawer. What do you guys think…any creative uses for the one remaining multisensor? I have to say I’m leaning towards the mailbox option although it does say these are for indoor use only. Thanks.

i have been trying to get as creative as possible one project i have been thinking about is adding a multi to a toilet seat and setting it up through hue lights so that if the toilet seat is up the bathroom light is red, just a suggestion

The multi is great for knowing when the clothes dryer is done. Helps reduce wrinkled clothes which means less ironing. If you’re like me, I hate ironing. In fact I still use the “Bachelor Iron” once in a while. Probably costs 5x more than the regular iron. What’s a “Bachelor Iron”? It’s a damp towel with your clothes in the dryer. :slight_smile:

SmartThings has an app for it too. Pretty cool!

Anyway, my 2 cents.


LOL guys thanks for the suggestions. The toilet seat one is priceless!