Standing Desk Research

I’m working to develop a research project using standing desks and want to monitor and track the amount of time people use a standing desk in both the seated and standing position. To do this I’m thinking of a multisensor for the desk paired with a presence locator to track when the individual is in there office. The study would occur within a hospital setting tracking nurses who have administrative roles.
Any thoughts on products to use and methods to make something like this work.

You could use the smart things multi to determine the up and down positions of the standing desks. A custom smart app/device type would need to be created and you would also need to have some sort of logging in place. Sounds like a cool project. I am a data junkie so feel free to PM me if you get stuck.

I agree with you on the use of the ST device. However, I would just use an open/closed sensor for the desk and record the amount of time it stays open and closed. Opened being raised and closed being desk is all the way down. Simple. Have ST page you with the amount of time the ST sensor is opened or closed.

The reason I suggested the multi is you might not have just one closed position. You may need to take into account motion and distance traveled. If someone simply adjusted the desk to be a little taller, yet still within seating distance it would register as standing. Also, the heights that people will elevate the desks will vary so it would be hard to have the contact sensor at the top as well.