Smart Ceiling fan and Fireplace integration into smarthings

I am going to get a large 72 inch smart ceiling fan. I have been doing some research and there really isnt much on this. Currently I have all my old fans and lite,s hooked to GE smart switches. Works great. Well these new fans seems to have their own remotes and wall plates. How can I integrate this into smart things? I have read about bond but thats another $99 drop. Isnt there a decent way to integrate a smart fan and even a wall controlled fireplace as well into smart things. I do not wants to bounce around diff. apps.

It would be best if you split this into two separate topics, one for each device class…

Anyway, as far as the fans go, the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“

We’ll need to get the answer to a few questions, first, and then we can give you the best suggestions

  1. what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

  2. do you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub, and if so, which model? I assume you do since you mentioned the GE switches, but I just want to be sure.

  3. what specific brand/model of ceiling fan are you considering?

As you noted, the bond is a popular solution, since it works with many models, and the smartthings integration is decent, but there will probably be other options as well, again, depending on the specific brand/model of the fan.

Fireplaces are an entirely different kind of issue both because of safety considerations and because the wiring is quite different. There are several existing threads on that topic so it would probably be good to start with one of those.

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Take a look at what Inovelli have in the works for a couple devices:

which could work in conjunction with this new device (depending on your use case) :

There’s a lot of reading and Q&A’s going on, but these posts may interest you.

If you like their switch design with the LED bar vs. the single LED GE/Jasco uses, they also have a zigbee fan switch shipping shortly for non-smart fans and bathroom exhaust fans.

The Bond bridge supports fans, fireplaces and other RF/IR devices. There is both an official ST cloud integration as well as a custom driver available for it. The Bond copies the included remotes the same way your old programmable TV remote does.

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USA. Aeotec Hub latest model.

Fan models:
Minka Aire h2o extreme 72 and 84" smart fans
Wingbo 80" fan
Big Aire Fans
Fanimation Slinger 72"

Hope this helps.

As always, the exact model will matter. A brand might have only one or two models which offer SmartThings integration.

Integration through Bond

Wingbo 80" fan


Big Aire Fans

Couldn’t find any brand with this name

Fanimation Slinger 72"

Couldn’t find this model. There is a fanimation slinger V2 72 inch fan, is that the one you meant? If so, there is an integration through bond.

Other newer fanimation fan models that work with their own Wi-Fi controller, FanSync, do offer a direct integration with smartthings.

Modern Forms is a brand that has a couple of dozen fans that have an official integration with SmartThings. You can find these specific models by opening the smartthings app, going to add a device, then choose “supported devices“ and then fans. You’ll see the list of all the fan models that have an official integration.

For example. Note that they specifically mention smartthings in the product description.

So, if you find one on that list, you wouldn’t need bond. Otherwise, it really is the easiest way to get smartthings integration for most brands.

In addition, you might find the following thread helpful. It has a good discussion of the different approaches:

Smartthings ready ceiling fans

Now this was extremely helpful. Let me get on it. Thank you thank you.

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What about the Hunter Overton 72"

This one?

What about it? It’s a dumb fan that doesn’t work with a dual switch, so I don’t see how you would get any smartthings integration. It doesn’t work with any voice controls, it doesn’t have a remote that can be mimicked by bond, it doesn’t have its own app. And based on the comments, it can’t be wired separately to a fan control and a light control wall switch so you can’t use smart switches either.

To get smartthings integration you need at least one of the following.

  1. best: it’s listed in the smartthings app under the fan section

  2. it has a remote that can be mimicked by a bond control

  3. it works with Alexa

  4. it can be wired to a third-party fan switch and a third-party light control switch (so you can use smart fan control switches that integrate with SmartThings like Lutron or Leviton)

  5. it works with the smartlife app (limited integration at the present time, may be more through matter in the future.)

If none of those things are true, it’s hard to see how you would get Smartthings integration with it. :thinking:

But maybe you were thinking of a different model which is a smart fan?

So I went ahead and got a modern forms Hydra 80.

Little more than I wanted to pay but I would rather have it already integrated then deal with a bond unit which is another $99 anyway. Now I have to deal with the fireplace issue but I can wait on that for now at least.

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