Smart Bulbs w/Dimmers


I embarked on my home automation about a year ago and so far all I have is two Fibaro dimmers behind two dimmers in the house. What I am finding is that there is just not enough space behind the switches for the fibaro dimmers so I am thinking of doing away with that plan and switching to smart bulbs instead. Wife doesn’t want us to expand the boxes behind the switches (too messy).

For those with smart bulbs how do you find the setup? I am looking at both LIFX and Hue, so far LIFX looks like the best to go with from my reading of reviews.

My question is how well do these bulbs work and do they report proper state, IE if I have a standard dimmer and dim the light up to say 20% using the physical switch will SmartThings know the current stats (i.e. show 20% dimmed)?

Do you have a personal recommendation IE LIFX or HUE?