Smart bulb in Garage door opener

(Chris) #1

I want to put a smart bulb in my garage door opener. The garage lights are controlled with a GE Smart switch. I wanted to setup a smart apps that would turn the garage light smart switch on when the smart bulb in the garage door opener turned on when the garage door openes. Any ideas?

(Mark) #2

Why not just use a contact or tilt sensor on the garage door? You can use it to turn your lights on, plus now you can keep track of whether your garage door is open or closed.


I think you’ll need to go with Mark’s idea.

Garage door opener lights are switched. Restoring power to a smart bulb isn’t able to trigger other things AFAIK. Someone else wanted to do something similar with an outdoor sensor light and pretty sure it would be difficult to do, if at all.

(Chris) #4

I decided to try the bulb first. I had a bulb already and my garage door
opener already uses the My Q app so I would not need the tilt sensor. It
make since that the bulb should not loose power. I guess I will need to do
the tilt sensor. It was worth a try. Thanks for the advice.

(Mark) #5

That’s correct. Smart bulbs really aren’t meant to be used in any setting in which their power is cut on and off. Your ST hub will actually have no idea whether your smart bulb is on or off based on whether the switched circuit is on or off (the circuit the smart bulb is on, i.e. your garage door opener). Plus the smart bulb gets damaged over time by the power cutting on and off.


Why wouldn’t the bulb in the garage door opener lose power? If it was a normal ‘dumb’ bulb, it would need to the power cut otherwise the light would be on 24/7