How to control the lights on my garage door opener

I have a liftmaster 8550w with motion activation so the lights on the garage door opener turns on when it senses motion. Problem is the infrared heat sensing detectors sense heat during the light as the temperature changes in the garage so the lights stay on just about all the time.

How can I turn those lights off even if motion is detected at night? Like a schedule for the lights on the garage door. I have the MyQ smartapp but I don’t see a way to accomplish this from that app.


Does it use a standard light bulb found in lamps? If so you could try a smart bulb but issue with that is the power is cut when the opener does turn it off and upon power up it will light up but you could have a rule to turn it back off. Otherwise you will need to open the opener and use some sort of dry contact relay on the power wires going to the light.

If it were me, I’d just remove the bulb and use overhead lights instead.