Smart breadmaker?

Does anyone have any ideas for a “smart” breadmaker? Ideally, being able to start (or stop) and monitor the current status remotely would be great, but at a minimum, being able to remotely start the machine will be enough to take care of my #1 problem: filling the pan with my ingredients but forgetting to start the machine (or even a timer) before I leave home. I know there’s a WeMo-enabled Crock Pot, but it appears no one has done this with a breadmaker yet. :slight_smile:

The only two things I can find that seem related are:

However, I am not an engineer (just a former computer scientist), so both are very unlikely for me to be able to do (particularly the first; the second actually seems like it would be do-able since it includes more details on the process—the main issue seems like it would be disassembling the actual breadmaker).

As an alternative, something potentially simpler that might solve the problem is:

  • A sort of “robot arm” that positioned over the “Start” button that I could signal remotely to press (assuming I already have the breadmaker configured correctly, which I usually do);
  • Optionally, a camera or similar on the display to remotely monitor the progress (i.e., see what phase it’s on).

Does anyone have experience with anything like this? I’m guessing the second option would be the easiest, though both seem a little far-fetched given what is easily available (though you’d think an ST-compatible mechanical “button presser” wouldn’t be that off the wall).

I remember this post for a button pusher. I think you can integrate it via IFTTT.

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The MicroBot Push looks like it is exactly what I was thinking of (for the second option above)–thanks! It’s not too bad at about $50, but to make it work with ST I’ll apparently need the $90 Proto S bridge, so I’ll have to think a little harder about that. :slight_smile: Too bad ST hasn’t made use of the BT radio in the v2 Hub since the MicroBot might otherwise be able to be directly integrated that way.

I wonder if someone would be able to modify the new Ecolink TLS-ZWAVE5 (or, more promising-looking, the DLS-ZWAVE5 if they ever actually release it) to press a button instead. Since it works directly over Z-Wave, it should be a bit cheaper if you only want one.

The MicroBot Push is IFTTT-ready. You can integrate via the cloud this way.

In other words, push a button from SmartThings, and have it go to IFTTT to press the MicroBot.

EDIT: Here’s the IFTTT link.

But isn’t it Bluetooth-only? It looks like you need the bridge to get Wi-Fi or something that IFTTT (and therefore, indirectly, ST) can communicate with.

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I’m the self proclaimed “smart breadmaker” at my house.

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There are a couple of DIY projects on the Prota web site thay may be of interest to you…

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Excellent! Thanks!

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It’s actually the Naran Prota bridge which talks to the IFTTT channel. The microbots can’t do it on their own. One bridge can support up to 40 microbots. (I use these at my own house. :sunglasses:)

The microbots communicate with the bridge by Bluetooth, and the Bridge uses Wi-Fi to reach the Internet.

As @pizzinini mentioned, the company has released the bridge software and you can also run it on other devices, such as a raspberry pi, if you like. :sunglasses: