Smart beauty salon for the wife

Hi all,

I’ve choosen smartthings for my house more then a year ago and i’m lovin it :smile: But i’m building a beauty salon for my wife next to the house and i would like to add smartthings there too. I would like some advice about camera options and door solutions, and maybe your thoughts about other relevant stuff.

Do i need a second hub?
I am using a Hub V2 and i have a old hub V1 which i don’t use. The distance between the hub and the salon is about 75 feet. I have z-wave switches/repeaters all over the house, but if it’s needed i will but another Hub V2 for the salon. But i just don’t know if it’s needed.

The frontdoor:
It has a frontdoor and a backdoor, the frontdoor is for customers and the backdoor is for us (which goes to our backyard)

The frontdoor where customers come in needs: a smart doorbell (aeon labs doorbell ), a recessed door sensor, a normal lock (which we only use when there is nobody in the salon) and a “electromagnetic” lock -> electromagnetic lock, but i need a momantairy switch for it to be opened (as long as it’s gets power it will be closed, so it needs some time to be without power till the person actually opened the door). The preffered situation would be that i have a wireless button like the Aeon panic button, if it’s pressed that the electromagnets get no power till the recessed door sensor is seen as “open” (which means the door is open) and then get power back, so that if the person who comes in closes the door, the door actually stays locked. But i never used a momentairy switch, so i don’t know which one to get to make it work like stated above.

The camera, i really have no clue which to buy. I need an outdoor camera which has a motion sensor to detect that someone is at the door (eventhough i have a aeon labs doorbell), i need it to record a clip after seeing motion. I have a internetcable and power to the place where i want to hang the camera, i just don’t know which one.

I saw Blink (which is for indoor use), Netatmo Welcome Camera (indoor use) and the outdoor camera’s from smartthings supported page and i saw the D-LINK support thread for all D-link camera’s. But i have no knowledge/experience with camera’s, and it is a very important part of the project. Since my wife will check on a tablet in the salon to see who is in front of the door, before she will open it.

Other stuff;

Smart Switches
All electric machines and lights are behind a smart switch, the sonoff switch (link to thread) worked good, i’m implementing ~20 of those, which arn’t expensive. Thanks to @erocm1231

Smart led strips
I’m also using RGBW led strips, outside under the ‘roof overhang’ and inside build into lowered ceilings also thanks to @erocm1231 link to thread

Window sensors
On the windows i will place Window sensors: Aeon door window sensor

For the music i will use Chromecast audio with 2 speakers which are build into the ceiling and spotify (too bad chromecast audio isn’t working with smartthings, but to open Spotify on a mobile phone isn’t a bad thing imo)

I hope someone can help me with some info/advice about the camera’s and the door solution :slight_smile: p.s. I will add pictures of the salon as soon as the doors are in it (which are being build in a month or so)

This is the salon;

Good luck with the enterprise! Planning everything ahead is great, you can really get a unified system that way.

A couple of quick thoughts.

75 feet through two exterior walls is probably too far for regular Z wave devices. And rainy days will make it worse. You might be OK with zwave plus, which have a much longer range. Your hub v2 should be zwave plus. With the hub v one it varied, the early run were not, the later run were. But if it’s practical for you, I would probably go ahead and put a second hub in the salon and make it its own location. It just removes one more point of failure and in a lot of ways makes things easier.

I don’t know of anyone using SmartThings in a business setting because of the unreliability issues, including the fact that even if everything is working perfectly they push out maintenance upgrades which can take your hub off-line and which cannot be postponed. But if you’ve been using it in your house and you’re happy with the reliability and you can handle the occasional outages, then you should have a good idea of how it will work for the business part. Just make sure you have a plan B for everything in case the automation is unavailable.

The sonoff switches are not UL listed. If you are in the US in any state other than Alaska or Louisiana, there’s no way they would pass a business code inspection. Fire safety is taken very seriously for businesses. So that may affect your budget. The insurance that covers the business also will likely be void if you use those switches. There’s a reason that they are so cheap. It’s a choice people can make for their own home, but if you’re a landlord ( even just Airbnb) or are installing them in a business, you probably do need to get UL listed modules.

I’ll let others speak to the cameras, I know people are using a lot of different ones. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the reply. I will buy a second V2 hub in that case.

The reliability isn’t a problem, i made sure that i have a “backup” plan for everything, for when it doesn’t work with smartthings. Though i’m not sure if the Aeon doorbell makes any noice when it’s pressed, when smartthings isn’t working (has maintence).

The Sonoff switches are cheap for a reason, i understand that this can be a issue. I will make sure that all switches are at one place and have a non-zwave and a z-wave smoke detector at it :slight_smile: It is a salon which is legit, but i don’t really think they will come and check. If so and they do their job well, i’m not even allowed to use the frequencies here (i live in the Netherlands), so not only the sonoff switches would be an issue then :slight_smile: if i would use other switches then the Sonoff switches, which ones would u advice? In my home i use: Aeon labs dsc26103

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Anything sold at vesternet should meet general EU safety requirements, but I’m not familiar with business codes in the NL and I don’t know if there any special requirements. ( obviously not everything sold at Vesternet is compatible with SmartThings, but you can check their zwave category. They also offer quantity discounts on some items, so that’s worth checking into also.)

A smoke sensor warns you after the fire, but it doesn’t help prevent a fire from occurring. So it’s in a different category as far as safety issues. (I myself use a wheelchair, so I’m very aware of the difference. :wink:)

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Oh, I’m pretty sure if you press the Aeon doorbell button that comes with the device it will ring one predefined sound on the chime piece even if your hub is off-line. The two are paired together using an entirely different frequency. @Robert_Vandervoort might know.

But I don’t know if that would be enough to act as a Plan B for the salon since the range is pretty short and I doubt if you would hear it through the entire building. But it would be something. :sunglasses:

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No idea in the NL but this would violate copywrite in the US. Now here it’s rarely ever caught nor enforced in small business - but when it is it’s huge amounts in the settlements.

Here that have been lawyers that do nothing but snare people playing “music on hold”

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@JDRoberts Thanks the link! i will check the zwave department :slight_smile: Yeah i know the diffrence and i get your point of view, i’m looking to change the switches since they will run on a lot more power then the led strips (230v for the switches and 12v for the led strips).

Yeah i assume the doorbell will work without smartthings, though i have to test and see what happends to be sure it works and is still hearable/noticeble.

@Paul_Haskins Your right! I looked it up and it’s indeed not legal to listen to Spotify at the salon. Though it’s legal to listen to the radio through the Chromecast Audio if you pay like ~50 euro a year for music licenses or such (at least that’s how it works in the Netherlands).

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The camera: Ring PRO
The camera probably will become be a Ring Pro.

The pro’s:
It has the doorbell function, the camera, the nightvision, the recording, 2 way audio, 1080p full hd video and the motion detection.

The con;
It isn’t yet integrated into smartthings, but ifttt will do the trick for so long.
Too bad it will cost me 30$ a year to save the video’s

The door:
In the netherlands the doors have 2 locks, a day lock and a night lock. With the handle of the door you unlock the daylock (only availible on the inside) and you can open the door. From the outside you have no handle, only the lock. An electronic unlocker presses the daylock so the door can be opened; video It will unlock the daylock when theres no power on, so i will make a switch which puts the power through to the door, making that switch opening/close the daylock :slight_smile: hope it makes sense.

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The issue I had with the Ring when I looked at it was that you can only view video if the motion sensor detects motion, you couldn’t just start the camera on request.

I wanted to be able to use mine to see if there were packages left by the door, but I couldn’t do that. I would get the notification when the delivery person first brought the packages, but I couldn’t look again later.

I don’t know if that’s still a limitation of the ring, but it’s something to consider.

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Now there is always the option for live viewing, though you need to be a “vip member”, which means you have to pay 3$ a month or 30$ a year for the cloud recording + live viewing option.

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