Help Creating a smart home: need advice on cameras, video doorbells, and door locks

Hello everyone,

I am new to smart homes. I have read a lot on reviews of products (much of it conflicting) but need to hurry and start making decisions so I thought it would be best to ask for some input.

I currently have Samsung Connect Home AC1300 (3 pack), two shields , ecobee thermostat, z-wave dimmer switches, chamberlain garage opener and some google home minis. I don’t really care about having to stay in the google ecosytem if I can get a better alternative with security cameras, sensors, etc.

I am moving into a new home, bungalow of 3,000 sq ft so I am not sure if signals to base stations could be a concern. I am located outside of Toronto so the outdoor cameras will need to withstand the cold. I have outdoor power outlets in majority of the areas I would need cameras, but ideally having a battery option for a couple areas would be ideal, but not a deal breaker. I live in the country so I am limited in internet speed, currently a 25mbps/3mbps unlimited package (the best I can get).

I am mainly looking at security cameras, door locks and door bells right now.

For cameras I would like to be able to get a live view and playback as much as I can. I am fine with a subscription service as long as the cost isn’t crazy. I am sure having 4+ cameras might create an issue with a 3mbps upload with a camera like Nest?

Door locks - would like to remotely lock/unlock, and auto unlock when approaching

Door bells - doesn;t need to be video as I can put a camera near the door. The doorbell would need to be put on perpendicular to the door so I would need to be able to get at least a 45 degree mount if not more.

Any help would be appreciated - just hoping for a somewhat simple process to get everything working as seamless as possible.

Thank you

Stick to these devices:

I have looked into all of them but it’s hard to get a grasp at all the nuances with the systems and how they integrate with one another.

Say I wen with Ring. Am I able to use my shield as the homes hub and use the built-in google assistant to show a live feed of my front door? Are many of the commands not usable? I know they have Alexa skills on the shield now but with varied success.

Or would Arlo be best because it seems like it plays nice with both eco systems (for now at least) outside of the Ultra.

Or Nest - seems to have the better quality cameras, but integration with smart things seems to be the worst of all three but I don’t know how well you can work around that. The service plan is more - but you get 24/7 recording - others are just as expensive. But having only 3 mbps upload - having ~4 cameras will likely downgrade a lot of the footage and a local backup like Arlo might work best

My Primary goal is to be able to use voice commands to adjust lighting, lock/unlock doors and view cameras.